Schoolyard Gardening as Multinaturalism

Theory, Practice, and Product

Donia Zhang


Prologue When the Child Was a Child
Chapter 1 Why Do Children Need Gardens?
  Environmental Crisis of the Modern World
  Human Disconnection from the Natural World
  Environmental Education for the Multinatural World
  Schoolyard Gardening Initiatives
  Chapter Summary
Chapter 2 What Are the Benefits of Schoolyard Gardening?
  Holism in Schoolyard Gardens
  Naturalism in Schoolyard Gardens
  History of Children Gardening
  Continuity of Schoolyard Gardening
  Healthy Eating Habits through Gardening
  Cultural Appreciation through Gardening
  Social, Behavioral, and Moral Development through Gardening
  Environmental Consciousness and Ecological Literacy through Gardening
  Academic Learning through Gardening
  Design and Maintenance Issues of Schoolyard Gardens
  Chapter Summary
Chapter 3 What Factors Enable and/or Limit Student Participation in Schoolyard Gardening?
  Case Study Schools
  Amount of Student Participation
  Ladder of Children's Participation
  Dual Factors
  Enabling Factors
  Limiting Factors
  Chapter Summary and Conclusion
Chapter 4 How to Support and Sustain Student Involvement in Schoolyard Gardening
  Ways for the Teachers
  Ways for the Principal
  Ways for the Parents
  Ways for the School Board
  Ways for the Ministry of Education
  Pillars of Student Involvement
  Chapter Summary and Conclusion
Chapter 5 How to Design Sustainable Schoolyard Gardens
  Daoism in Gardens
  Feng Shui in Gardens
  Sustainable Schoolyard Garden Design Elements
  Chapter Summary and Conclusion
Epilogue Gardening and the Meaning of the World